Things To Consider Before Buying Water Pump Generator

New technology in agricultural sector has led to introduction of machines that ease the process of irrigation in our farms. Due to low rainfall in our regions, water pump generator is a solution as it helps plants get enough water to grow healthy.

What is a Water Pump Generator?

Water pump generator is a machine designed in such a way it can locomote huge amounts of water from one area to another. Water pumps are absolutely water proof, they can last for long period, and are made to raise water effectively without employing a lot of energy. It serves as a bosom of the engine, transporting water through to the power source firmly and effectively.

Water pump generator is primarily used in farm, home, school and even in hospital. The centrifugal force makes it to operate well where, it flattens the water in opposition to the outer part of the blade due to the fast flow rate. Pressure is created to move water faster through the pipe. Below are some of the factors to consider when buying the water pump generator.

Rate of flow

When purchasing water pump generator, you should mind to know the amount of water it can move in a minute. Water pumps have gallons per minute ( GPM) discharge volume which indicates how briskly and vigorously water can flow. If you want to use the water pump for jobs that require water to flow quickly, then you should choose the one with faster flow rate.

Standard of the water pump

You should check on the quality of  water pump generator before purchasing. For you to know the one with high quality, you may consider the brand, mechanism or motor of the water pump. You may also look on brand that gives a logical warranty incase the machine need any renovation or servicing, which makes the water pump generator price in Kenya acceptable to customers.

Topmost head and pressure

Topmost head involve pumping culmination point and suction height of the water pump generator. The rate of flow shrinks with the height so, you will need to select a pump with a bigger head taller than the height to be pumped. The maximum head help individuals to know the complete height of water pump generator from the source of water to the dispense point.

Capacity of the inlet

Water pump generators are of different sizes and have different capacities of inlet in terms of inches. Some of the water pumps work by gulping in water from vent to the outlet. So, the greater the capacity of inlet the further mass of water the pump is capable to expel out, and the completion of work will be speedy as well as efficient.


Water pump generator is an important machine for it works reliably and effectively. If you wish to purchase water pump it’s better to go through some of the factors that will make you to choose the best one. Some of the components include inlet capacity, flow rate, quality of the water pump, suction height and maximum head.