Tips to Buy an E-Bike

The time has come for electric cars (EVs). The need for alternative fuel for transportation is at an all-time high. Electric vehicles (EVs) are one possibility because they emit no emissions. One of India’s most common types of transportation is a two-wheeler, and electric two-wheelers are gaining in popularity as advocates for electric vehicles get more vociferous. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an Electric Bikes Buying Guide. This page has all the information you need to know about eco-friendly bikes and scooters.

Guide to Purchasing an Electric Bike

Buyer’s Guide to Electric Two-Wheelers

Conventional two-wheeler purchases are simple since various models are available at various price points. It isn’t easy to choose the perfect electric two-wheeler to meet your needs because there are few possibilities for purchasing an electric bike or scooter. A thorough grasp of the workings of a two-wheeled electric vehicle makes purchasing one easier. Continue reading to learn about the most important factors before purchasing an electric bike or scooter.

Buying an electric bike or two-wheeler? Here’s How to Save Money!

Typically, electric two-wheelers are more costly than their gasoline-powered equivalents. However, there are ways to save money on an electric vehicle if you follow these tips:

Incentives and tax advantages:

Many states in India have introduced incentives to encourage people to buy electric automobiles. In addition, the GST on EVs is cheaper than that on petrol/diesel cars. Thus, buying an electric two-wheeler might save you money. Before making a purchase, research the possible incentives and tax benefits.

In addition, the cost of insurance and registration.

No registration or insurance is required for low-speed electric scooters. These electric scooters do not require a driver’s licence to operate. The registration and insurance fees for a low-speed electric two-wheeler are thereby reduced. Electric scooters with low-capacity electric motors and battery packs typically range roughly 50-60 kilometres, which is typical for low-speed models. Short-distance driving is the optimum use for these cars.

Buying a two-wheeler or electric bike? Here are some things to keep in mind:

The correct electric bike/scooter for your needs must be found when purchasing an EV. There are several variables to consider while deciding on an electric two-wheeler.


Consider the expense of an electric vehicle before making a final decision. Be sure about how much money you’re willing to spend on an electric scooter/bike before you begin your search. When deciding whether or not to buy an electric two-wheeler, the price is an important consideration. Before purchasing an electric two-wheeler, consider that a slow-speed electric scooter might cost as much as Rs. 50,000 in the present market.


One of the most important considerations is speed when looking for an electric two-wheeler. A slow-moving electric bike or scooter might be frustrating to ride if you purchase one with insufficient power. Before purchasing, be sure to research the electric bike’s peak speed and other performance metrics. Slow-speed electric scooters often attain a peak speed of 50-60 km/h, whereas fast-speed electric two-wheelers may reach 70-90 km/h.

Riding Range

The riding range of an electric two-wheeler is a critical consideration when making a purchase. Before making a purchase, you might want to research the currently available electric bikes and scooters to see how far they can go. There is a 50km range for slow-speed electric scooters and a 70–75km range for high-speed electric scooters. On a single charge, high-end electric bikes with larger battery packs may travel up to 150 kilometres. As a result, everything is dependent on the type of electric scooter or bike you want to purchase.