Types of martial arts UFC

In addition to the general features of martial arts, each of their types has its own rules, and therefore the bets on them are different. Let’s look at the most popular combat sports that bookmakers at least sometimes offer bets on.


Two athletes fight for several rounds with their hands in a square ring, in a duel there can be from three to twelve three-minute rounds. As a rule, major boxing fights collect the most diverse list in bookmaker https://parimatch-uz.com/ and attract the largest number of sports bets.

Therefore, if there is a clear favorite in the fight, the odds for him may sink due to the fact that too much money is spent on the athlete – this is an opportunity to catch a value bet on his opponent. How to use it, we will tell closer to the end of the text.


In wrestling, one athlete must put the other on the shoulder blades. Unlike boxers, wrestlers can fight several fights a day, but tournaments in this sport are still rare. Nevertheless, at least somewhere in martial arts, it becomes possible to put a catch-up on different fights – and what it is, we will tell in the section on strategies.

Mixed martial arts (MMA)

Simply put, these are fights without rules in a ring or a cage, although there is still a referee on the site, and athletes have a number of restrictions. However, these restrictions vary from tournament to tournament, and in America the rules are stricter than in Europe or Asia.

As in boxing, fights in MMA are very rare, and bookmakers offer a wide range only for fights with big names, so you won’t be able to regularly bet on this type of martial arts.


Unlike other types of martial arts, sumo takes place more or less regularly, but the trouble is that neither Western nor Eastern European bookmakers almost offer bets on it – a more or less normal sumo betting line can only be found in Asian offices.
Sumo is a bit like wrestling, only the one who first leaves the circle where the athletes compete, or touches the ground with some other part of the body other than the foot, loses in it. Therefore, sumo wrestlers are very large men who are not easy to budge. Unfortunately, statistics on them are available mainly in Japanese, so it is unlikely that you will be able to make money on this sport.

Types of bets

Basically, martial arts bets are related to how the athletes will finish the fight: which fighter will win and how, how much time will pass until the end of the fight and in an even or odd round they will stop the match.

Win bets

We bet on which athlete will win the fight or a separate round. Victory can be obtained in any way: by more points, technical or regular knockout – it does not matter.

Early win bets

We bet already on the fact that the athlete chosen by us will win the duel before the time runs out. A fighter can win as a result of a submission or capture, by knockout or due to the disqualification of the opponent – in any case, the bet will pass.

Bets on total rounds

If you do not know what a total is, then it is translated as the total number. This means that we are betting on how many rounds the fight will last. We can choose total under or total over (under or over): for example, if we bet in boxing on under (10.5), then in order to win, the fighters need to spend no more than ten rounds in the ring.

Even-odd bets

We bet on which round will be victorious: even (second, fourth, and so on) or odd (first, third …). In some bookmakers, you can either bet on the usual odd or even, or choose that a certain fighter will win in an even or odd round.

Live betting on martial arts

We set not before the start of the event, but when it is already underway. Thus, if in the pre-match we can only guess how the athletes will behave, then in the live we will have the opportunity to watch the live broadcast of the fight and make a more accurate bet depending on how the athletes show themselves.

Many bookmakers offer to follow the statistics of the fight and watch its broadcast right where we place bets, but the results and videos are sometimes shown there with a delay, so we advise you to track changes in the fight on third-party services.