What are the different types of races you can bet on in Australia?

With the introduction of the internet and 24/7 cable TV, it has never been easier to place a bet in Australia. With so many sports betting options around the globe it is essential that bettors find a trusted and reputable online bookmaker to bet with, comfortable in the knowledge that their money is secure.  

What Types of Races Can You Bet on? 

The four main types of races that punters can bet on are listed below. Astute punters will research these events before placing their wagers and constantly monitor their betting results. It may also pay to specialise in certain events. 

Horse Racing is known as “the sport of kings” and is the oldest and most popular type of racing in Australia. There are horse racing tracks spread all across Australia with racing held on every day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day. There are even lights installed at a number of race tracks with night racing popular with the TV audience.  

Harness Racing is a form of horse racing where the horses run with a particular technique, either a “trot” or “pace”. It is easily identifiable as the horses don’t have jockeys, but pull a cart behind them with a “driver” in the cart. It is very popular within Australia and New Zealand with many tracks across the region. While not as lucrative as thoroughbred racing, harness racing occupies a big niche within the racing market and is an extremely popular style of racing for spectators and bettors alike. You can check out the best harness racing odds from the Palmerbet website to improve your investments.

Greyhound Racing is the “fastest sport on four legs” and betting on greyhound racing is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. With race meetings often in the morning, afternoon and evening there is no shortage of betting opportunities for the astute greyhound bettor and the savvy punter can enjoy great profits. Good greyhound odds can help you in finishing successful bets in greyhound racing events.

Motor Racing is fast becoming one of the more popular sports betting options for many bettors. It is a simple sport to bet on with the first past the post the winner and with outstanding media coverage all around the world, bettors can enjoy motor racing from the comfort of their own homes. 

How to bet online 

Placing a bet online has never been easier with new online bookmakers entering the market regularly. It is essential to have an account with a bookmaker with a good reputation who is licensed and regulated.  

Bookmaking runs in the Palmer family, with Palmerbet owned and operated by a third-generation bookmaking family. They are owned and regulated within Australia with all wagers financially guaranteed by the NSW Bookmakers Co-Operative and licensed by the NSW government. 

They offer a range of betting markets on sports and racing and you can bet with confidence knowing that your funds are secure.