When selling your car in Dubai, watch out for these red flags

When you plan to sell your used car in Dubai, you get to hear a lot of horror fraud stories involving car buyers. The ugly side of dealing with private parties is that there are many unsuspecting people who fall victim to scammers. Nevertheless, you can easily prevent yourself from being scammed by taking some precautions and care. If you study the following situations, you will understand what to do to avoid becoming a victim of scams.

You should close the deal with a car buyer who exhibits any of the red flags below!

They are willing to buy without seeing the car

Isn’t that unusual and a bit odd too? You call this buyer to sell your used car in Dubai and they claim to be interested in buying your old car without even looking at it and are to be approached with caution.

Well, it is a ‘Red Flag’. Possibly these customers are acting with ulterior motives – they may deliberately damage the car after purchasing it and then claim that you sold them a defective automobile. This may result in you having to pay for damages that you have nothing to do with. Ensure that you meet with the buyer at least once, in order to prevent these kinds of potential threats.

Protip– Provide the buyer with all the necessary details about the car and encourage the buyer to inspect it properly. In addition, you can also ask the buyer to sign a “sold as is” receipt, which will further minimize the risk of future issues.

The buyer claims to have sent the payment online

Online payment fraudsters will offer to purchase your car if you make the payment through their website. In order to make their case stronger, they may claim they work for a large multinational company and because they don’t have much time, they will pay you via net banking, Visa, or PayPal.

To win your confidence, they will ask you very genuine questions about the car. A fake payment receipt will be attached to the e-mail announcing the transfer of the requisite amount to your account once the deal is completed. In reality, there has not been a payment.

The simplest solution is to reject all forms of online communication regardless of how legitimate they seem. You should only proceed and hand over your car to the buyer once your bank confirms that payment has been received.

Protip– Don’t put your faith in online communications. Check directly with your bank to confirm payment receipt or only accept cash for used cars in Dubai.

The buyer wishes to receive a refund for the overpayment

Some scammers pretend to have overpaid you “by mistake” to fool you. Red Flag Alert! A forged bank cheque or fake online payment proof may also be sent to you and you will be asked to repay them the additional sum. Do not be fooled by these fake receipts or forged proofs. Trust your bank, and only act if your bank confirms that the cheque or online payment has been received.

Protip– Trustworthy buyers rarely overpay, so only believe your bank if you receive a payment confirmation from them.

Your car is being devalued by a buyer

This is the biggest Red Flag! In addition, you may run into online fraudsters who will devalue your car intentionally and make you believe you overestimated its value. They may bring in a “self-proclaimed expert” to inflate the price of the car in order to make their case.

In order to prove that you are overcharging, they will bargain hard. To gain handsome profits, the main goal is to purchase the car at a low price and then sell it at a much higher price. What can be done about it? You should first get your car checked beforehand and have a certified inspection report ready.

That way, they won’t be able to claim your car has defects. You should know your car’s value in advance so that no one undervalues it. For this to happen, you can use the free car evaluation service offered by reputable car buyers in Dubai.

Protip– Get an accurate estimate of the value of your car with TheCarBuyer.ae to counter any false claims of overcharging.

Ending Note-

Nonetheless, it is important to be cautious when selling a used car in Dubai. The last thing you want is to get scammed or underpaid for your used car. Thus, rely on a trustworthy car buyer in Dubai like TheCarBuyer.ae. They not only offer free car evaluation but also offer instant cash on the same day as they buy your car, thus, keeping all their processes transparent.