Which Kind of Lawn Mower is Right For You

A lawnmower is a machine used to cut grass at an even height in residential lawns and gardens. Most people prefer to keep their compound look attractive, and therefore require the services of a mower, but when buying a good mower, the following factors brought to you by Grounds maintenance Solihull  that must be taken into consideration.

Grass cutting is one of the major periodic activities practiced in any establishment and it has had its’ fair share of challenges especially the traditional way of grass cutting which proved to be ineffective, time-consuming and exhaustive  hence the use of lawn One Stop Mower Shop machines which has proved to counter this problems.


When choosing a lawnmower machine for use in your residence or business establishment, check whether walking behind the mower or riding it will be comfortable as you will be using it over a long period.

With the use of a reliable mower along with reputable turf suppliers, your lawn will remain lush and green well into the future.


The manual lawn mower prices in Kenya are generally cheap compared to electric mowers. You need to do a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether there are any benefits that may be accrued when purchasing the mower,  but due diligence must be taken into account not to be lied to in town by unscrupulous traders.


Check whether other parts can be easily replaceable like changing the air filter or the lawnmower pull cords. Ensure that a lawnmower can resist breakage, wear, or deterioration when used over some time. Durability is an important factor to consider when selecting the mower to buy.


Try to choose a lawn mower that matches up with what you need with your lawn. You will notice that the walk-behind mowers have engines, pick the engine size that can cut through tall grass, wet grass, bagging, and leave mulching.

Terrain and yard size

When buying a lawnmower machine, you should consider whether your lawn is flat and not very huge to enable you to work perfectly without getting exhausted easily. If the lawn is very huge in size, then the mower will depreciate very fast due to usage.


When choosing the mower that can best do the mulching, you need to select that with specific blades that can prevent grass from accumulating beneath the mower and prevent the blades from rust. Some mowers have features like simplifying the change-over from mulching to bagging or both simultaneously.

Cutting height adjuster

If your lawn has tall grass, then you should ensure the mower you are planning to buy has correct height adjusters that are easy to operate with.  You can either choose the mower with a single lever that adjusts two wheels or that which can adjust all the four wheels at once.


As discussed in this article, these are major factors to consider before purchasing a manual lawn mower, therefore, it is highly recommended to keenly read and compare with your needs and choose a machine that will best meet your needs and that which you are in a position to smoothly operate.