Why it is beneficial to study from NCERT books?

The students who are preparing for their board exams will be familiar with NCERT books. Such books are published by the national council of educational research and training referred to as NCERT. It is known for its easy-to-read content. Not only these books are easy to read, but it is written keeping in mind the student’s level of understanding. Every line is more than a single concept. An example is class 6 social science, provides concise information at a single place and avoids any form of confusion. Not only these books help to clear the concepts well, but in the process goes on to develop a firm foundation.

Though these books are helpful you should be aware on how to effectively read from them. Most students commit the mistake of skipping the topics when they are studying from NCERT books. But experts are of the firm believe that reference books should be a second and it is always better to rely on NCERT books when you are appearing for CBSE exams.

Go through the chapters properly

The biggest mistake that students end up doing is to figure out that a particular chapter is easy or a problem can be solved easily

  • Each and every line in a NCERT book is necessary to be understood in details
  •  There is no point in skipping the introduction. You should start the process by going through the introduction and this is going to develop your interest in the other topics as well.
  • Flip through line by line. Make sure that you grasp each line and try to get the concepts clear when you read for the second time. The information that is provided in the boxes turn out to be important

Make notes

If you make notes while reading the topics it will help you understand the topics in details

  • Make sure that you note down every important point while studying and highlight anything important that you find it difficult to understand
  • This would make it easier for you to seek help from your teachers on a specific topic
  • The notes that you are making from the NCERT books will of considerable help during the revision phase. So, make sure that you not down everything as in the last stage this would be really important

Make sure that you solve every exercise

Most of the questions that are asked in CBSE exams come from NCERT books. The moment you read a concept try to solve the questions related to your levels of understanding

  • The level of topics and concepts are related to the main topic that would provide a clear level of understanding on a given topic.
  •  Do not skip any exercise. Make sure that you solve each exercise if not once a couple of times so that you are familiar with the concept.

Go through the NCERT books in details

There is no point in leaving things halfway if you have found the rhythm. Most students do not read the NCERT books as they feel confident, and they are of the opinion that it is not going to serve any major purpose. It is suggested that you take breaks, switch between the subjects to keep the interest level going. Even after reading the books, you can through it over and over again so that you tend to become familiar with the topics. This is going to be of immense help in the long run.

Other pointers for consideration

Be aware that there is a specified time for you to complete the exam. It is better that you practice in such a manner that it enhances your problem-solving ability. A tip that you can follow is to start writing answers to the questions that you are familiar, or it could be starting with the highest marks and then move accordingly.

Solving practice papers would also help you immensely. It is going to give you an idea about the type of questions that you are likely to confront. Once you have an idea about your strong and weak areas you can devise a plan of study accordingly. Even the art of time management is obtained after you study the NCERT books. These books are really important, and it is vital that the students are aware about in details about every topic in these books. With the help of support books, you can take time to clear up your concepts. But do so only after you have your concepts cleared in detail. Go through the diagrams and illustrations mentioned in it.

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