Why Santa Cruz Wages Are So Low

In Santa Cruz, wages for Architecture and Engineering Occupations are santa cruz workers compensation attorney than those in San Francisco, but not by much. These jobs are more competitively compensated in Santa Cruz, but are still not very competitive with other occupations. This is partly because 11 of the 22 categories in Santa Cruz are blue-collar, support worker jobs. The low wages are likely the result of local companies laying off lower-paid workers during the Great Recession, and keeping higher-paid ones.

San Francisco SMSA has 771,300 employees

The San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley, CA MSA includes several core cities and counties, and is the nation’s twelfth most populous metropolitan area. Until 2013, it was known as the San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA MSA.

Younger population

There is a lot of debate over raising the minimum wage in Santa Cruz, California. The city recently commissioned a study to see how raising the minimum wage will impact local workers. Many other California cities have already done so, including San Francisco, which has plans to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018 and Los Angeles, which is targeting a $15 wage by 2020. The Watsonville office of California Rural Legal Assistance wanted to gather data on the low wages of Santa Cruz residents.

In Santa Cruz County, the workforce and population are aging. The proportion of older residents has increased by 37% in North County and by 10% in South County. The aging population has a negative impact on the region’s economy. Many workers are retiring in the county, rather than moving to more expensive areas where wages are higher.

Having a better understanding of the underlying causes of child poverty can help policymakers think more strategically about public investments. The analysis suggests that different approaches are necessary in different parts of the state. In some areas, high cost of housing and underenrollment in safety net programs play a role, while in others, policies aimed at increasing job market skills are crucial.

High cost of living

In a survey conducted by the Santa Cruz Small Business Council, the high cost of living was cited as one of the biggest barriers to business activity. Specifically, business owners cited the high cost of housing as a roadblock. This trend has led to an increased homeless population in Santa Cruz.

The cost of living in Santa Cruz is on the higher end of the national average. However, the city’s average salary is lower than its counterparts in other cities. A median after-tax salary of $3886 covers the monthly living expenses of a family of four, which is slightly higher than the national average of $38,433. Those looking for a job in Santa Cruz should consider the city’s low unemployment rate.


The cost of living in car accident attorney fontana is among the highest in the nation, and recent statistics show that the median rent in this area is higher than the national average. To afford a median-priced rental, a person would have to work the equivalent of four full-time jobs. The Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce is working to help fix this problem. Its 2015 Housing Element Plan contains a list of projects designed to help residents make ends meet, including affordable housing units.