Zong Bongs: A Different Bong

A Bong or a water pipe is used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or herbs. It works on the principle of filtration and is more or less the same as hookah. Zong is a bong that has a Z-shape pipe or tube. Combine the two words and we get a Zong Bong!

What are Zong Bongs?

In simple terms, a zong bong is like a water pipe that has a zig-zag-shaped neck. Zong Bongs as a smoking device has been in use since the 1990s. But it’s during the present times that it has caught the attention of smokers, mainly due to its zig-zag design.

Initially, zong was the name of a brand. But now any zig-zag shaped bong is called a zong bong. It is recognized as a product in itself.

How is zong bong different from a bong? The zig-zag shape of the pipe makes it different from a bong.

Water Bongs have become an attractive accessory at parties or can even be used by a lone smoker.

Working Mechanism of a Zong Bong

A zong bong works like any other filtering device. One can add as many bends in the glass to their bongs as they want. That is to say, the more the bends in glass, the more area is there for the smoke to cool down and reach the user. It has a long neck that allows the chamber to be filled with smoke. Also, the zigzag zongs allow the smoke to reach slowly. This way one receives a better and more powerful puff. The zig-zag shape of the water pipe forces the smoke to travel more distance before it reaches one’s mouth and lungs. This way, the smoke cools down quite a lot and the puff is smoother.

Benefits of Using this type of Water Pipe

There are several advantages of using a zong bong. Not just aesthetic, there are health benefits too.

  1. It has an attractive appeal to it. The unique design catches one’s eye. Thereby, making it a popular choice among smokers.
  2. The pipe is quite long. But the zig-zag design makes it a compact and small device. If one were to stretch out the pipe, it turns into a long pipe.
  3. For a small device, it produces a powerful puff yet smoother puff.
  4. The unique design makes it a portable device that takes up minimum space.
  5. It attracts attention. Many seasoned smokers like the idea of appearing cool while smoking from this style of water pipe.
  6. It is the pipes that make it more eye-catching.
  7. No water splashes reach one’s mouth at all. the zig-zag design ensures that water doesn’t reach one’s lips even if you pull really hard.
  8. The winding design of the pipe ensures the smoke reaching the user is filtered enough to make this bong a comparatively healthier choice.

Different types of Zongs

Due to its high popularity in recent times, water pipes and glass pipes are available in various designs and sizes. Zong bongs aren’t generally mass produced and each piece claims to be handcrafted. Cheap brands are bound to break easily. But a handcrafted one is produced to last for a long time and provide a fine experience.

There are a variety of bongs available in attractive and bright colors. Usually multi-colored, these zongs are intricately designed. These are available in fumed glass that changes color when in use. This happens to be a popular choice among glass pipe lovers.

When it comes to size, depending on what one is looking for, there are zongs ranging from about 7 inches tall to 21 inches tall. Also, as per one’s personal choice, there are zongs with one curve or some water pipes have been made with up to twenty bends.

The Colored Warped Neck Round Bottom Bong has one zong. It happens to be a compact and economical zong bong and is around 8.5 inches. Glowfly’s Colored Double Warped Neck Round Bottom Bong has one more zong and is a bit pricier than the single warped one. For more money, you can add another zong.

Glowfly’s Glass Zong Neck Bubble Bottom Bong and Blowfish’s Glassworks 24K Gold and Silver Fumed Color Bubble Bottom Zong Bong are quite popular among zong lovers. Unlike most bongs, the Tater Tot Lean Back Bong has curved zings resting on the neck.

If you really plan on investing in a top-notch zong bong, then ranging from Glowfly’s 14 In Fumed Heavy Wall Warped Neck Bubble Bottom Bong to Glowfly 27 In Heavy Wall Warped Neck Bubble Bottom Bong quite fit the game. Each is a masterpiece in itself.

Cost of a Zong Bong

A zong bong can cost anything between $20 to $200. Some high-end handcrafted pieces can cost up to $500. There are many outlets to explore zong bongs before buying one. Some online shops offer additional discounts at competitive prices.

Things To Remember

Zong Bongs are generally for seasoned smokers. If you are trying out for the first time, take tips from regular zong users. Like how much to fill the chamber or how strong the pull should be.

Cleaning the zong bong is another thing to bear in mind. Since it has curves it requires extra cleaning and attention. Remember to clean the curves of a zong bong properly to flush out any residue of herbs or soap. The following steps come in handy while cleaning a zong bong-

  1. First, drain out all the water and ice from a zong bong.
  2. Second, fill it with warm water and dish soap and shake the same for approximately 2 mins.
  3. Third, drain out the soapy water and thoroughly rinse the zong till you don’t see any traces of herbs or soap.
  4. Now, fill the zong with 91%-99% rubbing alcohol and add table salt or sea salt.
  5. Conceal the mouth with your hand and turn the zong upside down to thoroughly shake it.
  6. Next, drain out the mixture and rinse the zong with hot water.
  7. Finally, add alcohol-based Listerine and again thoroughly shake the zong.
  8. Drain out Listerine and rinse with warm water again to get a clean and clear zong.

Concluding Words

Owning a Zong Bong is like owning a treasure, especially if you are a smoker and regularly use it. It has become an added decor at parties or even in lounges. It doubles up as a great showpiece to be displayed. A zong bong attracts attention due to its unusual design and is sure to get people interested in knowing more about it.